Saying NO to GMOs


Let’s start by answering this question. What is a GMO? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Modifying crops has been a practice that farmers have been doing for eons. So why are people so concerned about this new production of GMO foods? Well, that’s because there is a big difference between a seed that is modified in a garden and a seed that is modified in a lab. What’s the difference?  I will cover all of that here.

When farmers were modifying their seeds, it was always between two fruits in the same family. (See photo below) This produced a cross-breed of a similar fruit. Natural. Healthy. No nutritional value was lost. Now, let’s introduce Monsanto. The bio-chem eugenics super corporation that is trying to control all, and when I say all, I mean ALL of our food supply. They have ideas of modifying seeds to contain their own pesticide (BT Toxin). Wow, what a brilliant idea. Now, the crops will grow without ANY worry of insects destroying them. The pesticides will be penetrated in the leaves, the stalks, and the skins of the crop!

Hey, wait…


If this idea doesn’t scare you, think about it. Your body is a miraculous well oiled machine. Introducing it to toxins and other harmful carcinogens destroy that function we need to fight cancer, allergies, and other illness. Have you asked yourself why there are so many people now with allergies? Cancer?

Monsanto lied to the public when they told us that the BT toxin won’t make it to our digestive system. Well, when a few scientists (not the prostitute ones paid by Monsanto, Bill Gates, etc) did some studies, they found traces of that BT toxin in the fetuses of pregnant woman who were fed this GMO diet. So if it’s making its way through our bloodstream, I’d say Monsanto have a lot to answer for. Don’t you think?


What does Bill Gates have to do with this? Well, he does own 500,000 shares (worth 23 millions US dollars) or more of Monsanto Stock. It could be just a way to ensure a good investment. But we know the truth.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has even teamed up with Cargill to pump GMO soy into the third world. Cargill, of course, is the 133 billion dollar corporation that also has been found in direct violation of human rights laws. Cargill was sued by the International Labor Rights Fund for trafficking children from Mali and forcing them to work on cocoa bean plantations for around 12 to 14 hours each day without pay, food, or sleep. The company even continues to purchase cotton from Uzbekistan, where it is well-known that child slave labor is used in the cultivation.

Bill Gates himself even filmed commercials for Monsanto’s GMOs, propping them up as the ‘solution’ to world hunger despite even the United Nations admitting that GMOs cannot fight hunger as effectively as traditional farming. Headed by an entity known as the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), a team of 900 scientists and researchers studied the issue of world hunger. The results of the major study were very simple: 900 scientists agreed that GMO crops were not the answer to the world hunger, and revealed this in 2008 — long before Bill Gates began claiming that GMOs were the answer while ignoring this readily available information.” (article from

We see here that he is nothing more than a eugenic opportunist that would love nothing more than to control our population. That is scary.

So not only are these GMO seeds producing food that is terrible for our health, it is also putting farmers out of business. Monsanto’s goal is to be in control of all of our food supply so how can they do it? We have some real farmers here in America and they supply our local stores with fresh produce daily. How can Monsanto take that away?


As most monopolies, these corporate monsters find ways to control us. If they can control our food and water, then they control the world. Monsanto, fully protected by Obama and our government are pretty much free to do as they please. That includes wiping out local farms. Ok, so how?

Control the seeds. Since farming became a way to feed the population, farmers use seeds that can be used over and over again. Heirloom seeds last forever. You sow,  you reap, you collect those seeds from that crop, sow again. It is a simple and effective way to ensure the survivability of the human race. Enter Monsanto. Their seeds don’t thrive. Once you plant them, the seeds die. Meaning, when you harvest your crop, the seeds can NOT be reused. Why? Why would Monsanto make such unproductive seeds? They do this so that the farmers will have to buy new seeds after every harvest. Disgusting hu? Eventually the farmers will be broke. Their sole survival was to be able to reuse the seeds. Now Monsanto won’t allow that. As it stands now, farmers may use their heirloom seeds but Monsanto is fighting that. They want control of every farm in this country.


Monsanto tells us GMOs are safe. Eat up! This, coming from the same company that introduced Agent Orange. If you don’t know what that is, please read this.

They told us Aspartame is safe. Drink up! Enjoy your diet coke and sugar-free food. Wait, please don’t. Aspartame is a known carcinogen and yes, you can avoid it as long as you stay away from diet foods. Well, that’s what I thought until I saw it in non diet foods. They began putting artificial sweeteners in food that has sugar in it already! (Or High Fructose Corn Syrup, we will get into that in another post )

My point is, the so-called scientists that work for Monsanto have released test results showing us that all of this stuff was safe at one point in time. Years later, we find out it was NEVER safe and these puppets were just telling us lies.


Go to Europe. Try to find one product that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup or Aspartame. You won’t even find it in Mexico, the soda there has real sugar in it. So why does America allow such carcinogens in food? Monsanto. They must be the big wigs controlling this country because if our own government and the FDA approve their toxic products, what is to stop them? Other countries can boycott, why can’t we? Many countries have banned GMOs. Some even went as far as to burn down their crops after discovering the seeds came from Monsanto.

Many have spoken out against Monsanto and their evil ways but with a company as powerful as they are, and with the support of our very own president, it will be very hard to take them down. In the  meantime, buy organic. Read labels. Ensure you are protecting your body from something that can screw you up. Check out this site, it’s a helpful tool.

There are also a number of food companies that do not use GMO ingredients. Almost anything with Corn is GMO unless otherwise stated. This included your favorite chips, cereals, etc. Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Corn meal… SO read your labels and search for a non GMO alternative. If something is marked USDA ORGANIC you can rest assured it is not a GMO food. Of course, please continue to wash your fruits and veggies because although it is organic, there are still topical pesticides on them.


Meats and Dairy contain GMOs and other nasty stuff. Go organic, kosher, or make sure there is a non-gmo on the label. Animals are fed GMO corn and grains which then taint their milk and meat. So, be cautious. There is a huge difference between something labeled Organic and something labeled Natural. See photo below.


Sodas which mostly contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, you can guarantee is GMO. Stay away. Not only is GMO dangerous, so is HFCS. There is a reason it is banned in every other country.

Eat safe. Eat Smart. Take care of your body. We have the choice to do so now, don’t let our government take it away from us. Educate yourself about what you eat and who Monsanto really is.


As is stands now, many of us have come together to fight against Monsanto and their poisonous food production. There was a big March Against Monsanto on May 25th of this year. It was a huge turnout. There was another one a few days ago. The public are waking up and it is up to us to fight to ensure a better future for our children. Our government already allows such harmful toxins in our food and water, (fluoride in water, chemtrails, I will touch on this in another post. ) Let’s not let them make that our only choice. Speak up and be informed.